Cutting edge & tailor made

Digital strategy

Exactly as described in Wikipedia: is the process of specifying an organization's vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.


It’s on everyone’s lips, everyone needs it but so few really know what it means. It is the process of thinking, envisioning and designing interactive communication between man and machine. While the market is dominated by passing trends dictated by large companies, manifested by endless online guides and off the shelf design templates, there are still those who seek to create unique experiences and smart interactive solutions. Understanding each project has it’s own DNA of goals and requirements, we strive to bring fresh attitude while in the same time building our designs upon strong proven foundations and viable technological solutions.

Project management & QA

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to undermine your top notch, high salary PM. However, as the work we do is very dear to us, we take it upon ourselves to make sure our projects come out as they should. We help manage the front end development, help direct animation and video productions, advise and support the content creation team, create quality evaluation documents and make sure everything is going according to plan.

Brand identity

Unlike many other branding firms, we start with the product. Our branding process is not created in a vacuum but is knitted around the UI/UX or a product. Therefore the brand is tested from the beginning in it’s natural habitat making sure everything sits tight together and works as a whole.


As can be seen in many of our projects, we are image makers. As part of the creation of a graphic language, alongside hard to understand content, for a special commision or just for fun, we create all the illustrations, icons, character design and graphic elements ourselves and from scratch. Each element is tailor made with love and care to fit the specific purpose for which it was created.

Data visualization

In all our years of design work we had plenty of occasions when we were tasked to visualize the unexplainable and illustrate the unbelievable, making us warriors of light in the visual realms. No matter what sort of crazy, brain melting data you need to present out there - we can slay the beast for you and visualize it.


We’ve been around for a while now. In that time we have took part in many a journey, sailing to the far reaches of the digital world, shared adventures with both winners and losers and lived to tell the tale. We are known for our wits as much as our brawn and setting people to the right path is our bread and butter.

Web development

If you are planning a web app that is supposed to teleport humans to Mars, good luck and bon voyage! However if you need a high end multi platform website development, then our home dev will take care of you.

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